Building strong partnerships with our subscribers is fundamental to what we do at SpringFour. We love to work through how best to structure a partnership, strategize on tracking consumer outcomes, and how to uncover the benefits for both our subscribers and their customers.

We began working with LendUp in 2016, and from the start it’s been a tremendous partnership. We worked together to define parameters for outcomes measurement and how to assess customer savings, repayment rate improvement, and how opinions about LendUp change over time.

LendUp began offering SpringFour referrals on their website, and quickly saw their customers respond. After conducting a joint test, LendUp found that customers who accessed SpringFour’s resources were able to lower their monthly expenses and had higher repayment rates versus customers that didn’t use Spring Four. Beyond that, customers also felt more positive about the LendUp brand after receiving referrals.  Read the full Case Study on the results of the LendUp/SpringFour partnership here.

“Our partnership with SpringFour is a win-win-win,” said LendUp CEO Sasha Orloff. “We’re helping SpringFour gain critical mass on their platform, we’re helping our customers find much needed savings in their ongoing monthly expenses, and we were able to very quickly gain a positive return on our investment in the service. It’s a perfect example of how we can use partnerships to boost our customers’ financial health and the health of our company.”

SpringFour is incredibly proud of these results. We know that SpringFour referrals impact consumers’ budgets by getting at the root cause of their financial hardship, giving them the ability to pay and save again. We also know that our subscribers benefit as well, increasing repayment rates and building brand loyalty saves our subscribers both time and money.

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Katie Gottschall Donohue, Vice President, Strategy and Operations

SpringFour, Inc.